Traffic Survey

Traffic issues in Ballinlough

In January & February, 2022 the Ballinlough Residents’ Association conducted a ‘Traffic Calming Survey’ with residents of Ballinlough. 

Many residents expressed concern around some of the following areas:

1. Speeding in general (narrow old roads& footpaths, new larger cars)- roads being used as ‘rat runs’ (e.g. Somerton Park, Belmont Park)
2. Over 25% of the population in Ballinlough are over the age of 65 years -mobility issues (Fast cars, narrow & uneven paths, lack of pedestrian crossings)
3. Lots of children live and use roads in Ballinlough (Primary schools- have over 1500 children attending them)
4. Lack of safe pedestrian crossings by main shops, churches & schools
5. Schools
– No pedestrian crossing by school
– No 30 km/h slow zone by school
– In need of new, clearer signage
6. Cycling infrastructure
– Only 1 bike rack in Ballinlough
– There are no bicycle paths in Ballinlough at all
7. Cars being parked (especially on Ballinlough Road) all day by people working & shopping in city centre

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Traffic Survey Results